January 2022 [Dev Blog] — Sailing on… To Polygon

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3 min readJan 28, 2022

Before the winter holidays, we decided as a team to take a break as we were starting to see the effects of burnout on our productivity and energy. As most of you know, when you’re part of the crypto world you can’t isolate yourself from the whole industry due to the still volatile nature of the market, so, although we were on a break we were still keeping an eye on the market.

We saw the markets crashing, the growing dislike of the mainstream public towards the incorporation of NFTs in video games, the increasing amount of carbon copy NFT projects being pushed by “promoters”, and it wasn’t exactly reassuring, to say the least.

Soon after the holidays ended we had a team meeting and reevaluated our goals and the future of the project. Taking into account the above-mentioned events we decided that we’re going to steer away from trying to hype a concept to actually creating it and hopefully provide value to the industry.

Coming back to a, now, bearish market, we adopted the ‘BUIDL’ mentality and started the development work on the blockchain and game fronts.

Let’s start with the changes and team announcements.

  • One of the most important changes is the fact that we decided to migrate the project from a BEP-20 governance token to an ERC-20 token and we choose to burn the whole amount of doubloons from BSC and mint them again on Polygon. This change was made due to several reasons but mainly it was because we wanted to work with ETH instead of BNB and Polygon seemed the most solid option for a layer-2 blockchain.
  • We expanded our team and got an actual game developer to start working on Phase 1 of the game and, due to his hard work we now have an MVP that is currently being tested and improved. A video showcase of the MVP will be linked at the end of this dev blog.
  • Due to the recent growth of the team, we started and finished the search for a bigger office space, which we will be relocating to in the coming weeks.
  • We’ll be introducing a second currency, Crow’s Nest Talons (the name’s still up for debate) that will be only earnable by playing the game and will be used for a number of the game’s mechanics.

What we have on the horizon:

  • The Whitepaper is currently being updated to include the aforementioned changes, the founder’s sale tokenomics, and the roadmap update.
  • We’re currently in talks with several key players on the crypto market regarding the backing of the project, but as with all business negotiations, these things take time and we’ll post more information in the future regardless of whether the partnerships come to fruition or not.
  • We’re still searching for a dedicated community manager so that we can focus on the development of the game and the company.
Crow’s Nest MVP Showcase

As always, thanks for the continued support!

See you on the open sea,

Crow’s Nest team.



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