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Crow's Nest
3 min readNov 14, 2021


Hello everyone,

I’m Andrei Tarnauceanu and I’m the Chief Executive Officer of Corb Project, the company behind Crow’s Nest.

Me during an interview in 2020

Since we started working on this project, this is the first time I get to interact with the community and I’m excited to tell you more about myself and the company as a whole.

As an entrepreneur, I have been involved in several projects and start-ups, most notably in 2017 my start-up, Ampra Net, has been selected by the Romanian Government in the Start-Up Nation Romania Grant Program and has received a substantial grant to establish itself in the IT&C sector.

One of my passions throughout the years has been gaming, and I wouldn’t be able to be part of this project if it wasn’t. Some of my favorite games are Dota 2, CS:GO and Sea of Thieves.

Corb Project Logo

SC Corb Project SRL is a for-profit, privately held company, registered at the Trade Register in Iasi — Romania, under the Registry No. J22/3305/2021, Headquartered in Iași Municipality, 5 Eternitatea Street, Building 306, Romania and has the Unique Fiscal Code — 44988783.

These kinds of projects require a great deal of transparency and, as such, we plan to manage Crow’s Nest as a game and Corb Project as a company with as much transparency as possible.

We plan on maintaining several communication channels between the team and the player base, with constant updates on the development of both the game and the team working on it.

We decided to reveal our team members on a one-by-one basis because each one of them is remarkable in their field and deserves a broader introduction.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out the whitepaper to get an idea of our vision for the project and its development, it is available here:


Regarding our founder sale, we’re working on a launch system that we believe will guarantee a fair launch for all who are interested and also, to the best of our knowledge, will be the first launch of its kind and will combine several blockchain technologies.
Also, as a thank you to the community that has followed and supported us, 10% of the founder sale items will be reserved for giveaways and community contests.

I look forward to the next opportunity where we’ll have the chance to chat and update you on the state of the game.

Kind Regards,



Crow's Nest

Crow’s Nest is an NFT fantasy roleplaying game in which players play the role of a daring pirate captain, leading his crew towards undiscovered treasures.